Preparing Your Home for a New German Shepherd Puppy

A Checklist for Welcoming Your Furry Friend Excitement is likely buzzing through your veins! You’ve chosen a phenomenal breed – the loyal, intelligent German Shepherd – and soon, a bouncing ball of fur will be joining your household. But before that big day, some puppy-proofing prep work is essential. Here’s a checklist to ensure your… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About German Shepherds

The loyal, intelligent, and undeniably handsome German Shepherd has captured hearts for over a century. These versatile dogs excel in various roles, from working companions to devoted family pets. If you’re considering welcoming a German Shepherd into your life, this comprehensive guide will equip you with everything you need to know. Loyal Companions with a… Read more »

How to Exercise Your German Shepherd

How to Exercise Your German Shepherd

German Shepherds are high-energy dogs. After all, these dogs are often used in military and police forces—highly active situations. As an owner of a German Shepherd, you’ll need to make sure that you provide your pup with outlets to get rid of all that excess energy. Here are some tips to get you started: How… Read more »

How to Care for Your German Shepherd During the COVID-19 Outbreak

How to Care for Your German Shepherd During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Whether you have a 10-year-old German Shepherd at home or you’ve just recently adopted one (like many Americans during this crisis), caring for your German Shepherd during a pandemic is much different than caring for them during normal times. After all, German Shepherds are an energetic and sociable breed, and staying locked up inside will do… Read more »

What to Do When You Bring Your German Shepherd Puppy Home

What to Do When You Bring Home Your German Shepherd Puppy

When the day comes where you can finally bring your new German Shepherd puppy home, everyone is bound to be excited. However, the first few days are going to be an adjustment period for your new pup. They won’t have litter-mates to play with, and they won’t be following the same eating or sleeping schedule… Read more »


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