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Testimonials from previous customers that have purchased a puppy from Vom Springer's.

Kris, Our Vet’s technician just fell in love with him and asked where we got him as she’s looking for one, so we gave her your information and website. J  I’ve given your information to an ex-cop as well who I grew up with and he’s always had German Shepherds as well and is looking for another one. At any rate, we wanted to share some Malu pics with you.  He is doing wonderfully well.  His training is going very well, he’s learning quickly and growing! Malu absolutely loves the snow.. he’s such a ham and just soo much fun!  Spoiled rotten as all get out! Almost wished we would have bought one of his brothers too, so he had a playmate to get all rowdy with!  But, brother or no brother to play with he is getting a lot of play time in and is doing great!  Merrie



A couple of former Vom Springer dogs going on a trip with the owners grandson!!



Nothing like a boy and his dog~~ This is Cordell and his best friend.


I have always had German Shepherds, in June 2011 I lost my beloved shepherd Timmer, at that time our 6 year old son asked if he could have a dog all his own, and he also wanted a German Shepherd.  We had heard of your exceptional dogs and decided to gave you a call.  My shepherds have always been wonderful dogs but the puppy we got from you, that my son effectual named Trouble has excited all of our expectations.  Cordell & Trouble are inseparable they have a bond like I have never seen.
Trouble is only 4 1/2 months old and so easy to train ~ we have already completed K-9 kindergarten and she did wonderful, we have also started her on agility (which she loves) and will start tracking in the spring.  She is so social and confident, people always comment on how friendly she is and her beautiful coloring.  I could go on and on about this wonderful puppy.  I will keep you updated on Trouble's training and will also send more pictures..
Thank you to you and your family for breeding such outstanding dogs.  I know we will be coming to you in the future for another of your beautiful dogs and I have highly recommended your kennels to other people.  Keep up the GREAT work! 
Thanks again for all you do......Bunny in South Dakota




I got a puppy from you last July, I named her Roxy. She is such a sweet girl. Lots of fun, very sociable, loves kids, and so smart. Just wanted to let you know she is doing great, and she is an awesome addition to the family.



Hi Kris,

Thank you for providing Diabetic Alert Dog Services with such a fantastic dog. As you know we train dogs to alert to the drop in the Blood Glucose level, thus enabling the diabetic to maintain a tighter control over their disease.  With the information I gave you regarding the type of dog we needed, you picked the perfect dog.   You may recall that I am also associated with All Purpose Canines, Inc. APC is a non-profit organization that trains and places dogs with children on the autism spectrum.  We have a working relationship with the local school district, which enables our dogs to interact with and assist not only children on the autism spectrum but other children with special needs. “Max” has been in my home since January, and in that “special German Shepherd way” has managed to convince me that he belongs here forever.  With that in mind, I have decided that he will continue with some scent work and will also be trained as a Special Education Therapy Dog.  He will make a great ambassador for the breed.

Every now and then a very rare dog enters our lives.  “Max” is one of those dogs. He will be able to do whatever task is required of him, giving 100% all day, every day.  I know he will live up to my expectations and will also make you very proud of him.

You are to be commended for your excellent breeding program.  Please feel free to give my name and number as a reference.

Thanks again,

Bev S.

Ranger Texas

Radar and Maddie

Hi Kris, I just wanted to give you an update on ALL the dogs we have from you guys!  First of all my 2 dogs, (the most important) are the best dogs anyone could ask for.  Radar, who is the puppy from Uno and Tess is absolutely beautiful and has such a great personality. He is so smart and a very big lap dog!  Maddie, who is the girl of Benny and Banja loves attention, she always keeps Radar in line.  Her color is so unique, I have got so many compliments on both of their coats and color.
Then there is Louie, who is my mother's dog, he's the brother to Maddie. He is HUGE! Louie is absolutely a tank. Louie has Banja's color and but Benny's size. My Mom also has Jazz who was a puppy from Uno and Tess and she is about 5 years old now, and still looking beautiful. Radar and Jazz look so much alike even with the age difference, I am pretty sure Radar will be about Uno's size, he is growing so fast.
I cant tell you how happy my family and I are with the shepherds. I just wanted to say thanks again and send you a couple pictures of Radar and Maddie.
- Jacob Omaha NE

Kris Hi I just wanted to thank you so much for the fantastic dog you have provided for me, she has been is an excellent replacement for my previous companion dog. I know how hard it is to train a dog to work with electric wheelchair bound folks, you and your son have done an amazing job with her breeding as well as her training. I can not begin to say enough good things about you and your facility and the opportunities that your giving myself that I wouldn't have without this wonderful creature in my life. She senses my needs and responds immediately! THANK YOU, THANK YOU...Hugs from New York, Ellen

Ursa- From Rauber and Baghira

Kris, Just wanted to say thanks for the great dog, she has just been a joy to have around.. After this morning's hike/walk I thought to myself "I can certainly understand why Kris has a whole kennel full of these dogs".   Best Wishes, Marce in WY

I thought I would take a moment to update you on our "puppy" Uno Vom Springer.  He is growing like a bad weed and filling out so beautifully.  I measured him tonight and he is 27" to the top of his front legs.  His feet are huge and we wonder how large he will be.  We couldn't be more pleased with his temperament.  He has decided to leave the cats alone, finally, but is constantly on the go, looking for something to get into!  Our yard looks pretty derelict at the moment.  He has dragged so many things on it while he goes through the chewing stage.  I will say, I will be glad to have that over with.  Our grandchildren love him, and he behaves like a gentleman with them.  As you know, I was skeptical of letting him go so soon after getting him, but he has stayed home like a good boy and only leaves when I take him on walks.  I have taken him down by the cattle, and although curious, he didn't try to get over to the corral.  He just sat down and watched all the sorting going on.  Thanks so much for our wonderful new family member.  We dearly love him.  He brings a smile to our faces everyday.  I'll try and get a picture to you next time. 
Sheena and Kelly B. -- Seibert, Co.

Kris and family, Hello from Texas, just wanted to thank you again for the amazing dogs you have sent to us. Rest assured the borders will be safer, and we"ll stop at least some narcotics from entering our country  thanks to you and the intelligent, courageous, strong, sound (and beautiful of course) dogs that you provided to our  program. Stay in touch and we look forward to doing business with you again soon. Larry P.  TX



Ty - from Rauber and Marilou, at 5 months

Hi Kris,
I wanted to send you some updated photos of Ty. We are amazed every day by his human-like actions and his facial expressions tell of such character.  He has great personality and already shows maturity in applying confidence and submissiveness for the right situations. We love the way he is turning out. He is gaining confidence and asserting dominance but with no adverse signs of aggression.  We are very pleased.  I understand Mary R. is interested in one of Holly's pups.  She was eager to hear Ty's story when she first saw him at the lake we both visit.  I have forwarded these pictures to her as well.
 Best Regards,
  Sylvia and Doug

Strider- from Uno and Tess

Hi Kris,
Strider and I at our club (NM Hundesport). Strider is such a handsome boy. He's 84 pounds at 22 months. We are doing well. We are working on drive at training. So far it is a slow process but going well. Strider has a tremendous amount of confidence. Currently I'm working on him being more neutral to his environment. He loves to play and smell everything! He especially loves to play with his seven year old human sister.
I hope to get a BH this spring. Maybe a Schutzhund 1 in the fall (he may be too much of a momma's boy to go further than that, but after all he is my first dog I have ever trained in anything!). My next dog, I definitely want to do this type of training/sport, I'll be contacting you in the future!
Take care,
Gina M. Albuquerque

Barrett- from Ozzie and Rauber

Hello Kris... Here are a few pics I got of Barrett (Rauber x Ozzie) today at about 9 months old.  Thought I'd shoot them your way so that you can see how he's turning out.  How does he compare to Kaiser at about the same age?  He hit a huge growth spurt at about 4 months, so I took him off of puppy food and moved him to adult . Seemed to slow it down and balance it out a bit. Insane Kong drive in this guy.  Thank you again for such a great dog!! Hope all is well.... Ben S



Hello Kris,

I thought I’d send you a couple of pictures of Stavoros.  A couple of him on the flatbed ‘all sweet and clean. He’s doing so well, we are done with Puppy Kindergarten and now we are doing Basic Obedience.  I don’t want to show, just want a smart dog, and it’s so much fun.  Stavoros really enjoys class.

Anyway, hope all is well, Robin in Colorado


Hi Kris,
Here's a picture of Rosie -- do you think she's a bit spoiled?  We've enrolled in another class beginning October 16.  Don't really know if she needs it because she is so good, but figure the socialization can't hurt!
Hope all is good with you and your family!

Pacco Vom Springer

Pacco and GG- sold as trained adults

Kris I just wanted to let you know how Pacco and GG are doing, they love it here in ID and have adjusted so well to their new home and family. Thanks for what you do, I know it's a lot of hard work but it has to be rewarding to know your doing something that is a improvement to the dog world.

Best wishes from your new friends in  Idaho.

Now that Dohgart is 2 years old, it is time for an update.
He is EVERYTHING that Wilbert wanted in a German Shepherd dog and you did a fantastic job in choosing the right one for him! He does Thank You!!
Dohgart is a  sleek and  very intelligent dog, friendly and a real people lover. He has decided that he should stay at home and not go with us in the vehicles as his job is to protect the farm. He lays outside and just watched all the activity.
He just loves to run and is so fast!  He loves to chase after his favorite toy, a tire, and brings it back for some more "fun".
We would  highly recommend your kennel to anyone  as we are so pleased with Dohgart. We couldn't be happier with Dohgart .... he is a real smart dog and has such a gentle personality too!
  Wilbert and Mary.......Gettysburg, South Dakota

Mischa Vom Springer- from Rauber and Marilou

Mischa has come in and stolen our hearts!  Our son Aaron is handicapped, and she has really bonded with him as well as Karla and I.  She is so affectionate and just wants to be with all of us.  This picture was taken the day after we brought her home.  All worn out, she just crashed on the pillow next to Aaron and fell sound asleep. 
She's also bonded well with our male Apollo.  It's funny to watch them play and wrestle.  Mischa is also a confident girl.  She's explored everything around her and soon we're going to start tracking.  I've got no doubt she'll do well because she's got the classic qualities, focus and a deep nose.  I can't wait to work with her, she's so responsive and attentive to me. 
Thanks again for this latest addition to our family, it was great to do business would you and I will recommend you to anyone with a special needs child!
Mark in Missouri


Hi Kris, 
Wow!  It's been a year since we drove out to Nebraska and saw your wonderful dogs.  I wanted to send you an update on Elsi and let you know how thrilled we are to have her join our family.  Even my husband, who was skeptical of the breed, has conceded that she's the best dog we've ever owned.  I will never own any other breed. 
This past year I've had the joy and challenge of raising a puppy and a toddler.  But today they are the best of friends and both better trained. :)  Elsi has the perfect temperament for a family dog.  She is completely tolerant of my 2 1/2 yr olds rough housing and noise.  She is really a great house dog, lying or sitting next to me all day long.  I take her in the car when I pick up and drop off my kids.  And my older boys, 12 and 10, have no trouble walking her even though she weighs 80 lbs.
Elsi and I took obedience lessons and she learned very quickly.  I have no doubt with a little more practice she'll be completely off leashed trained.  I also took your advice and spent many hours socializing her.  She is now very friendly with other people and dogs.  She's curious and confident, but never once has shown aggression.
Elsi is everything a GSD should be - smart, confident, playful, athletic, and beautiful.  Our vet and obedience trainer, who trains GSDs for Search and Rescue, both wanted to know where I found such a wonderful GSD.  I am so grateful to have found Elsi through you, Kris.  


    Bosco Vom Springer- from Uno and Tessa

Dear Kris,

 I wanted to give you and update on Bosco now that he is a year old. He is an absolutely gorgeous dog, with such and amazing personality and temperament. I remember when I talked to you on the phone about the puppies before  we bought  him, you told me that all the puppies will have a great temperament, and you told me how they would be. Let me tell you, Bosco is more outstanding than what you even told me. We are so pleased with him in every way. He is so intelligent and his training was a breeze. And above all, he is absolutely amazing with our small children. As you  know, I bought him from you over the phone, sight unseen, and I couldn't have hand-picked a better German Shepherd for our family anywhere. Thank You for breeding such a great dog, I have already recommended several people to you who have seen Bosco. Anyone who buys a puppy from people like you can't go wrong! We will keep you updated on Bosco.

Sincerely, Adrienne P.      

Ryley Vom Springer

Kris, Ryley is amazing!

He is also so smart that we are teaching him to put his own toys away- he made out like a bandit at Christmas, so his toy basket is overflowing! He is totally kennel trained, but has been a little spoiled about not being in it during the day over Christmas break since I was home, but he didn't object to going in when I returned to school.He recently found his big dog bark and we are working on when it's appropriate to use it. The other cool thing with him is when his nails need trimmed, I use the dremel tool.  We didn't have a lot of success with clippers, so we tried a file and that was fine with him, so we invested in an inexpensive  dremel and he just lays there and lets us do it.  My family is just amazed that he lets us do that, my dad has to take his dogs in to get their nails trimmed professionally..   He is right at 50 pounds as we approach the 6 month old mark and is the most wonderful puppy.  Anytime you are in the area or passing by and want to make time to see for yourself how he is and the life we provide, we'd be happy to host.

Thanks again and Take care,  Jean

Gant- from Holly and Rauber

Kris, Hi just a quick update about Gant, wow what a great dog he has become as you can see from the photo he is beautiful, but he' also provided a a wonderful security system for the house here in Florida. When ever I take him for a walk I get stopped by everyone asking where he came from, because of his outstanding looks and temperament. I should have gotten a dog from you years ago!!

Best wishes and thanks for what you do, Dewey in FL. 

                                                                                     Odin- from Uno and Tessa

Hi Kris,

   Was writing to let you know that Odin is an Awesome Dog, He has far exceeded my expectations and is becoming the champion I know he could be, Odin gets along great with everyone and even the cats tolerate him and snuggle him sometimes, I am so Happy that I went to you for a dog and would recommend your kennels again and again, Already I'm planning in the future to get a Female, and of course you will be the one I call on, again thanks for the awesome dog. This photo is of Odin at 7 months
John F.  South Dakota

Hi Kris,
Just wanted to send you a quick e-mail.  Elsi is adjusting very well to the family.  We still have issues with the cat, but it's because the cat taunts her and Elsi just wants to play.  I am sure they'll work it out in the end.
Crate training is going pretty well.  She's making it through the night already.  We go for several walks a day and she rides in the car with me when I go get the kids.  I took her to football picture day and she was terrific.  She just layed in the grass and let people pet her.  She really is good natured and friendly.  We've met several dogs and puppies on our walks and she is friendly with them as well.  During this second week, Elsi is more confident and tollerant of all the construction noise around our neighborhood too.  I am surprised at how well she's adjusted to our busy life.
I've also gotten so many compliments on what I nice and beautiful puppy I have.  I think she's getting prettier every day.  I'll send you some pictures at 1 year.
Thanks for everything Kris!


Hi Kris,I just want to write a note to give you an update on one of your sweetest puppies. Luna has been such a great addition to our family. She has a great temperament, she is so mellow and happy and so smart. We have done a little traveling this summer to visit family in Missouri and Arizona and she was a star on the road and as a guest…everyone loves her even the kids who were afraid of dogs (Luna was twice their size)! I really can’t say enough about how great she is and how happy we are that we found you. Thank you so much.

Jill and Dan L.      



Kris- Hi Greetings from Colorado, I just wanted to give you and update on Chevee. He is doing great, This picture was taken over the weekend on a camping trip into the mountains. I have taken him camping with me several times, he absolutely loves to go, but tends to want to hog the sleeping bag!! I just want to Thank you again for raising such a nice pup, he gets along great with my other shepherd and I have had so much fun with him already and he is only 7 months old. What a great companion he has made.

Sincerely Doug,   Colorado


Hi Kris,

 I wanted for you to see a picture of Thunder, He is really changing colors, he gets more red all the time and that is a good thing! I happen to think that he is just beautiful. He is about 90% house trained now, doing really good. On his commands he is doing GREAT  he also has a fantastic nose on him, I can hide a piece of jerky any where in the house up to three feet high and he can find it, no problem. He has been such a joy to train and catches on so fast, he just seems like he wants to learn and please you. Thanks again for raising such great dogs.

Have a great day, Greg    

Ozzy-from Uno and Tessa

Kris, Greetings,  Gary and I just want to Thank you so much for Ozzy. I purchased him for Gary site unseen for a retirement present. I couldn't have gotten a better dog nor a better present. We happen to think he is the most beautiful dog in the whole world, and of course the smartest!  He has been so much fun to have around! Thanks Again,  Ada in Colorado     

Dear Kris, I just want you to know how happy I am with Kessie. She is such a sweet natured dog. She always wants to be where we are, and loves to be with my children. My 3 year old and 1 year old boys just love to play with her as she is so gentle. I get so many complements on her every where I go people are impressed with her beautiful markings. Thank you so much for choosing her to be a part of out lives, we will always love and cherish her. 2005

Hi Kris, I made a good decision  when I decided to purchase my second dog from you, Keeno a male. I received him at 8 weeks and he is like my little baby, his is just so adorable. Kessie loves having him for a play mate, and we are certain a mate for life. Where ever Kessie is you will find Kenno with her, Kessie is so protective over him, there is about a 6 month age difference but she sure does mother him. I just had to write and let you know that we will never regret buying the 2nd puppies from you. You do a great Job, Kris!! Thank You.

Kris, Hi, thanks for the third dog we have now purchased from you. I guess it's a given were happy, or we wouldn't keep returning for more dogs. Keep doing what your doing, your dogs are perfect. Thanks Again!!

Melannie, Andrew, Johnathan and Nathan C.  Alaska

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