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  All of our German Shepherd puppies receive up-to-date shots, wormed, temperament testing, and AKC registration. As one of the most respected puppy breeders, we pride ourselves on consistently breeding beautiful and healthy dogs. With a large frame, a steady determination, and a versatile personality, German Shepherds make excellent pets. They naturally want to protect their owners and their home, and mix very well with children. Because of our personalized care, we give every dog we an immense amount of love and attention. We donít mass market animals; we breed puppies because we treasure the German Shepherd breed. To discover how one of our precious puppies can become part of your family, contact us today. We are ready to answer all of your questions.



One male puppy available born 12/9/13!




 Parents of the above puppy.


Tessie Vom Springer                                    Lucian  Vom Springer

   Sire:  Remo Vom Fiemerck SchH 3 Germany                                  Sire: Uno Vom Fleischerheim

     Dam:                                                                                                 Dam: Tessa Vom Fleischerheim

These are two very sweet dogs, Tessie is a beautiful female with great coloring and lots of personality, Lucian we have had litters from before he throws nice puppies with great coloring and pigmentation, with a personality that is sweet and loving, if you are looking for the perfect companion with stunning looks and great disposition give me a call before this pup is spoken for!





Kris Springer